Video : Roadtrip to Cape Palliser

Discover the video of our roadtrip to Cape Palliser : the lighthouse, the sea, and those infinite roads with breathtaking views !

Découvrez la vidéo de notre roadtrip à Cap Palliser : le phare, la mer, et ces routes qui défilent à l’infini avec des vues à couper le souffle !


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Si vous voulez lire mon article sur Wellington, c’est par ici 🙂

36 thoughts on “Video : Roadtrip to Cape Palliser

  1. I’ve always wondered about going to New Zealand. It looks beautiful! Really reminds me of the Maine coastline, which is also beautiful. Hubby and I did a lighthouse tour last year around this time. Over a few weekends, we visited different lighthouses and it was amazing how different each one was, aside from the common features all lighthouses share. But the colors, sizes, locations, and details like that differed from one to the next.

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