Video : Discover Shanghai in 6 minutes

Come with me to that city where everything goes fast ! Discover Shanghai, a city of contrasts : with its huge shopping malls and small stalls, its modern skyscrapers and traditional temples…

Venez avec moi dans cette ville où tout va vite ! Découvrez Shanghai, une ville de contrastes : avec ses énormes centres commerciaux et ses petites échoppes, ses gratte-ciels modernes et ses temples traditionnels…

8 thoughts on “Video : Discover Shanghai in 6 minutes

  1. The world is quite the large place eh. Just when you think your city is already so big…theres more city in the world…more world for more city. More land for more country! Oh me! Thanks for this C!

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    1. Hahahah exactly ! We went to Hanghzou too and they say it’s a small Chinese city of… 9 millions people ! Which is a lot more than Paris even if you count in all the suburbs !! … So definitely not the same scales ! 😉

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    1. Thank you 🙂 And yes it really was !! It also helped me to better understand the Chinese culture… A culture that I didn’t know so well !

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